B&T | Cambridge Should End Exclusionary Zoning in 2024

Mar 26, 2024

Beneath a facade of inclusivity and progressivism lies an ugly truth: Cambridge is not open to everyone.

Hidden in the technical details of Cambridge’s zoning ordinance is a system designed to control who lives where, by limiting the type of housing that can be built – particularly multifamily apartments, such as the triple-decker. This system is referred to as “exclusionary zoning”, and its roots are in segregation.

We see its manifestation today in a housing crisis that prices more people out every year. At A Better Cambridge, a pro-housing advocacy group dedicated to making Cambridge a more inclusive, affordable city, we believe the time to change this system is now.Ending exclusionary zoning is an equity issue, a family issue and, of course, a housing affordability issue.

Source: Cambridge Should End Exclusionary Zoning in 2024 – Banker & Tradesman

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